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Choose the format below that best fits your group’s needs. Then download the information packet, which includes a schedule, preparation guidelines and materials, prayers, learning experiences, reflections, community builders and social media opportunities. CRS Education offers supplemental learning experiences.

Traditional 24-hour CRS FoodFast

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1-day/10-hour CRS FoodFast

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3-hour CRS FoodFast, adaptable for a class lesson

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3-hour Family Night CRS FoodFast, suitable for any intergenerational group

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1-Day or Overnight CRS FoodFast Confirmation retreat

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Enough Multimedia

The multimedia resources below will help you organize your CRS FoodFast. They’re categorized by type and indicate the corresponding activity or prayer in the various FoodFast formats. Videos can also be accessed on YouTube.


“One Family,” theme song written and performed especially for CRS by Pasquale Talarico

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Simon, Son of John, written and performed by Tom Bierer

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  1. Father James Martin Public Service Announcement
  2. Slam Poetry: “In the Food Desert”
  3. “A Day in the Life of Bayan and Natenyal” (What are the Walls in your Life?)


Download the Food & Faith Jeopardy game for the 24-hour FoodFast or to use later!

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Enough Community Builders

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Enough Learning Experiences

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